Project Details The IUPAC Green Book - Preparation of the 4th revised printing of the 3rd Edition

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Start Date:
01 November 2014
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Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division
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The Green Book is among the most successful IUPAC color books. It appeared already in three printings (2007, 2008, 2011). The third printing in 2011 was prepared by RSC Publishing without prior consultation of the Green Book working party. There is constant demand for corrections and small changes that do not change the entire layout and therefore are well suited for a new corrected 4th printing. The project proposal aims to gather together the members of the Commission I.1 in order to publish a corrected fourth printing of the Green Book as well as to initiate a speedier process of regular -ideally yearly- updating.


The constant demand for changes and corrections is mainly due to an increased referencing of the Green Book within IUPAC and also outside the Union; on one hand, the increased referencing makes incoherences with other IUPAC documents be detected more frequently; on the other hand, it urges for an improved homogeneous presentation of IUPAC Recommendations and Technical Reports, as the Green Book is a standard reference.


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