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01 October 2013
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One of the important goals of the Interdivisional Subcommittee on Materials Chemistry (ISMC*) is the education of young chemists and in particular offering chemists in the developing world access to educational tools and information. It is proposed to develop a website aimed at accomplishing this, using the educational website of Division IV (former as a model.

The aim of the project is to identify and determine the best educational support tools and strategies for studying materials chemistry. Educational materials will be developed within the task group but links to other educational websites, videos related to materials chemistry, the definition of key terms used in materials chemistry linked where possible to the Gold Book, etc. will be included. In addition, the ground will be laid for the establishment of an exchange forum for students seeking input from experts and for the use of social media in linking communities with a common interest in materials. This project will be carried out in parallel and benefit from the project for improving the Polymer Education website, but there is no overlap.

* joint between the IUPAC Division II Inorganic), Div I (Physical and Biophysical), and Div IV (Polymer)



At inception, the website will be in English, but in the longer term and the light of experience will be opened to other languages if to do so will assist in the achievement of its goals. It will consist of the following: an entry page outlining the purpose of the site; pages with key definitions of materials chemistry taken from IUPAC documents (following the example of the polymer education website); links to educational websites that already provide excellent content of relevance; content which will be created by or is already available from team members; videos related to materials chemistry; and links to the participating divisions, ISMC and the Committee on Chemistry Education (CCE). We will take great care to prevent any duplication with the Polymer Education website, since we are aiming at different audiences and see no benefit in overlap.

Additional functions will be added to each page to enable counting of the number of visits, the nature of the visit (direct or search engine related) and from what country the visits originate. Analysis of this data will inform the best way to understand topics of interest and to generate traffic from developing countries for experience has shown usage information taken from the Polymer Education website to be invaluable to its fine-tuning. Typically, answering the fundamental question, “what is a polymer?” has driven the most traffic to the site, which currently sits at or near the top of sites when searches for “polymer education” are initiated on Google, Bing or Yahoo.


Materials chemistry <> comprises the application of chemistry to the design, synthesis, characterization, processing, understanding, and utilization of materials, particularly those with useful, or potentially useful, physical properties.

This site provides information about materials, presented based on their applications and includes an extensive set of on-line resources, videos and lists references and books.

Comments, ideas, suggestions? please contact the task group chair Chris Ober


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