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01 May 2013
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11 December 2015
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Committee on Chemistry and Industry
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Workshops on the Safety Training Program are used for communication on recent activities by Fellows of the program in their home countries; to evaluate the effectiveness of the Safety Training Program in terms of fellows home country activities; to learn from invited speakers who are experts in health, safety, and environmental matters; and to solicit ideas for improvements in the program and for possible expansion to incorporate new Host Companies and new regional trainees.


The Safety Training Program allows safety experts from developing countries to learn more about safety and environmental protective measures by visiting and working in plants of IUPAC Company Associates in the industrialized world. IUPAC administers the Safety Training Program to disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge on safety and environmental protection in chemical production. The beneficiaries are expected to use the training in their home countries to improve health, safety and environment.

The 2013 Workshop in Istanbul is planned as part of activities at the IUPAC GA/Congress under the theme of “Industrial and Applied Chemistry.”

Similar workshops were held at previous GA/Congresses:

Each Trainee participant submit an abstract for a paper to be presented at the Workshop; these abstracts are reviewed in advance of acceptance of Trainees’ applications for the Workshop. In addition, the Workshop will include lectures by regional speakers who are experts in chemical health, safety and environmental protection issues particular to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

A webpage will be prepared to cover the proceedings and outcomes of the Workshop, where their reports, presentations, and a summary report will be published. The Workshop will include a discussion to identify ideas for improvement and expansion of the scope of the Safety Training Program.

This project includes assessment of future actions for other Workshops as the Safety Training Program evolves, including maximizing the productivity of future Workshops. Although all the information on STP is currently available on the IUPAC website, the task group is looking at ways of improving the processes and having the information more easy available.


Project announcement published in Chem. Int. July-Aug 2013, p. 23

Jan 2014 – Report

The Workshop in Istanbul was very well attended and covered three basic topics.

  1. Presentations by industry and association speakers discussing the latest issues and approaches to safety.
  2. Presentations from STP Fellows describing their initiatives since they returned from IUPAC STP Training at Host Companies.
  3. A review of the status of the STP and suggestions for improvement.

> See detailed summary notes prepared by Carolyn Ribes [pdf 2013-011-2-022_2013-STP-workshop-notes]

A key follow up item supported by the participants at the Workshop, was for more communication about the effectiveness of the STP Host training.

The table, above, and following discussion outlines activities of several Fellows from different countries and in different organizations. It also indicates the activities with the general public.

The Fellows shown in the table, and others, have been participants in the STP Workshops over 15 years and have made presentations and posters about their activities. In the past the STP had been part of the Congress and perhaps it was difficult for Senior IUPAC members and Bureau members to participate in the Workshop. In Istanbul the STP Workshop was part of the General Assembly allowing more IUPAC members to see, first hand, how effective the HOST training is, and how well the Fellows follow up.

The overwhelming value of the STP is the selection and training of Fellows. The biggest challenge is finding willing HOST companies. We have been fortunate, recently, to have Dow 2013, Woodbridge 2014 and now, in 2015, Bayer CropScience step up and HOST the training.

Also, we have developed an excellent working relationship with the Washington based CRDF / Chemical Security Program. They sponsor STP administration and they also pay the whole cost of chosen Fellow training, including the transport to and from the Host and the costs at the Host.

The STP Fellowship activities and the Workshop, which brought together, Fellows and HSE Leaders together with COCI members, Young Observers and other IUPAC GA participants, was and is a valuable contributor to impact strategic thrusts in the area of capacity building. It builds safety awareness and approaches both chemistry based organizations and in the general public.

The Safety Training Workshop in ISTANBUL was a success, Busan 2015 is next.

See also COCI homepage

A similar workshop was organized during the GA/Congress in Busan Korea in August 2015; see project 2015-005-1-022

Project completed

Last update: 11 Dec 2015