Project Details Modernizing the website of the Subcommittee on Solubility and Equilibrium Data

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Start Date:
01 March 2013
End Date:
09 March 2018


The Subcommittee on Solubility and Equilibrium Data (SSED) currently uses two websites, one is part of the “new” IUPAC website and the other was created in the mid-1990s when the Solubility Data Project (SDP) was within Commission V.8 (Solubility Data) of Analytical Chemistry Division (ACD). This fragmentation leads to confusion for website users and difficulty in site maintenance. The SSED recognizes that ad hoc revisions are not sufficient for correction of the situation and that a thorough modernization and redesign of the website is needed.


The SDP has maintained a web site since the mid-1990s. First hosted at the University of Leoben in Austria and more recently at the Secretariat, this site has been extremely valuable as a communication tool both within the SDP and with IUPAC and the greater chemical community. Over its nearly two decades of existence the site has been updated many times reflecting routine changes, such as new participants, changing officers and progress through projects as well as bigger changes including the transfer of responsibility for the SDP from Commission V.8 to the SSED and the incorporation of the stand-alone site into the IUPAC site. It is now clear that years of ad hoc updates have resulted in a site which is difficult for users to navigate and challenging to maintain. This project will redesign and modernize the SSED pages on the IUPAC website to provide a much more useable and easy to maintain site.

Updating information presented on the SSED website is an important part of this project. But before that is addressed it is necessary to redesign the site from the ground up; to consider what information should be presented to the three user groups identified in the section Intended Stakeholders (above) so that users from each group can find information and can communicate with appropriate individuals in the SSED. Once this new design is agreed upon, content will be updated and assembled.

Once the new web site is implemented, the Task Group will actively seek and respond to comments from members of the SSED and ACD to gain wider input from prospective site users so that improvements can be made. The final step in the project will be publicizing the new site by establishing links to it and encouraging publicity in Chemistry International and national bulletins and newsletters. In order to reach the greatest possible geographic extent in this phase, SSED and ACD members will be asked to suggest national and regional sites for linkage and publications for descriptive articles. A feedback form on the website will be provided to encourage all users to suggest improvements.


September 2015 – This project is well underway. The web pages have been brought up to date and are again useful for internal and external communication. Further modifications to better reflect the full scope of SSED activities have been considered by the Task Group but are delayed pending access to a revised version of the IUPAC website (currently anticipated January 2016).

Project completed

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