Project Details A Virtual Colloquium to Sustain and Celebrate IYC 2011 Initiatives in Global Chemical Education

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 May 2012
End Date:
11 October 2013
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Committee on Chemistry Education
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The objective of this project is to coordinate and stage a virtual colloquium (VC) to be held in association with the joint 22nd International Conference on Chemical Education and the 11th European Conference on Research in Chemical Education (ICCE-ECRICE 2012) this summer in Rome; the VC will be hosted on the ACS DivCHED CCCE (the American Chemical Society, Division on Chemical Education/Committee on Computers in Chemical Education) online ConfChem conference management system during the month of May and June, i.e. prior to the actual conference.


This project evolved out of discussions of the 2011 CCE meeting in San Juan pertaining to the importance of sustaining IYC initiatives beyond 2011. Through email interactions during the Fall of 2011 the project took on its final shape with three distinct components.

1. Run the Spring 2012 ConfChem on IYC 2011 as a preconference virtual colloquium to the 22nd ICCE- 12th ECRICE conference in Rome.

2.  Run a IYC 2011 symposium during the ICCE-ECRICE conference and give a 30 minute presentation on the virtual colloquium.

3.  Publish a series of Communications by the authors of the IYC 2011 Virtual Colloquium papers in the Journal of Chemical Education.

VC constitutes a new forum for ICCE and the objective is to reach out to chemistry education community who are not able to attend the ICCE as well as existing online communities such as the Committee on Computers in Chemical Education listserv.


The virtual colloquium was held from May 18 – June 29, 2012 using the CCCE ConfChem conference management system that allowed participants to discuss papers through emails and comment features. See

During this time 824 people were registered to the email list and the virtual papers received 11 616 hits and 155 comments. As of March 18, 2013 the number of hits has grown to 30893. Many of the comments were extensive, for example the nine page paper on the IUPAC periodic table of the isotopes (paper 6) had 25 pages of comments.

The third aspect of this project is still ongoing. Recognizing the ephemeral nature of the internet, the task group chair had made an arrangement with the Journal of Chemical Education to allow ConfChem authors to submit a series of communications for peer reviewed publication.  The Journal would allow them to upload the original ConfChem papers and discussions as supporting documents, and bundle all the papers into a section of the printed journal.  The authors of ten of the twelve papers opted into this, the communications are currently under review and should be published within the year.

October 2013 update – project completed

A collection of communications has been published in the Journal of Chemical Education. The articles are available through the JCE website. The query (ConfChem + IYC + 2011) renders of the collective presence; 11 communications (not abstracts) will appear in a section of the printed journal.

A related feature article by Belford and Meyers, on the mechanics of virtual colloquium is published in Chem. Int. Sep-Oct 2013, pp.2-6.


Last update: 11 Oct 2013