Project Details The Solubility of Beryllium Sulfate and Other Beryllium Compounds in Aqueous and Non-aqueous Media

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Start Date:
01 April 2012
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Series: Solubility Data Series

Collect, compile, and evaluate all published solubility data on beryllium compounds in aqueous and non-aqueous media through 2010.


Because of the large number of publications referring to beryllium sulfate, about one-half the total number to be compiled, beryllium sulfate evaluations and compilations will be listed first, followed by all other beryllium compounds listed according to the IUPAC Periodic Table.

The volume could be of interest to scientists in industry and environmental science, due to the toxicity of beryllium compounds and its use in preparation of new materials. This may become even more important in the future in relation to the envisaged use of beryllium as one of the structural materials for thermonuclear facilities.


The project initially chaired by Jack Lorimer has been divided in two parts.

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