Project Details Vocabulary of Concepts and Terms in Analytical Chemistry - the revised Orange Book (4th edition)

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01 January 2012
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Analytical Chemistry Division
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Administrative project

The Orange Book (present title “Compendium of Analytical Nomenclature” 3rd Edition) was published in 1998, and now is in the process of revision.

The new Orange Book will be in a consistent glossary style format with definitions of concepts in different fields of analytical chemistry. The nineteen chapters of the 3rd edition will become eleven in the present revision. We have taken the decision to concentrate on methods and not attempt to venture into the ocean of applications. The first chapter will set the metrological scene with definitions from the Green Book, the International Vocabulary of Concepts and Associated Terms in Metrology (VIM) and selected chemometric and statistical terms.

An on-line edition with expanded sections and new sections contributed by the Subcommittee for Solubility and Equilibrium Data will also be prepared. The expected publication date is in the biennium 2014-2015.


Chapter 1 (project 2012-007-1-500)
Fundamental concepts and terms (metrology), chemometrics (and statistics), quality assurance — Paul De Bievre
Chapter 1a (project 2008-002-1-500)
Chemometrics terms — Brynn Hibbert

Chapter 2 (project 2011-063-1-500)
Sampling and sample preparation — Janusz Pawliszyn

Chapter 3 (project 2015-028-2-500)
Methods of analysis depending on measurements of mass and volume — Maria F. Camoes

Chapter 4 (project 2011-046-1-500)
Separation — Tatyana Maryutina and Attila Felinger

Chapter 5 (project 2017-027-1-500)
Spectroscopic methods of analysis — Derek Craston

Chapter 6
Mass spectrometry — Zoltan Mester

Chapter 7 (project 2010-052-1-500)
Electrochemical methods of analysis — Jose M. Pingarron

Chapter 8 (project 2010-030-1-500)
Radioanalytical methods — Zhifang Chai

Chapter 9
Surface analysis — Jim McQuillan

Chapter 10
Thermal methods of analysis — Carlos Castro

Chapter 11 (project 2011-047-1-500)
Immuno- and bio-analytical methods of analysis — Jan Labuda

Chapter 12
Terminology of quality assurance — Ulf Örnemark


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