Project Details Flying Chemists Program in Mexico and Panama

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 January 2012
End Date:
01 May 2013


We propose to hold a Flying Chemists program (FCP) in Mexico for a multinational audience, and in Panama for a local audience previous to the Latin American Chemistry Congress that will be held in October 28-31, 2012.

This FCP is proposed to be held in Cancun or Playa del Carmen in connection with our Panamanian counterpart previous to the events in Mexico.

Objectives include, but are not limited to:

a. The motivation of young students towards a career in chemistry

b. The development of new laboratory skills in elementary and high school teachers

c. Improving the public appreciation for chemistry

d. A better understanding of the power and possibilities of simulation of chemical phenomena

e. A better understanding of the design of student evaluation protocols


We intend to organize a series of seminars and workshops to motivate attending professors from Latin America. These are aimed at teacher´s education. The IUPAC, as an umbrella organization, is ideally suited for providing this framework.
This project will bring together efforts from the corresponding chemical societies, minitries of education and other organizations. This should enhance the feasibility for future interactions among these to sustain the benefits derived from the program.


> learn more about the CCE Flying Chemists Program

Read about the October 2012 activity as reported in Chem Int May-June 2013, p.20

In April 2013, Peter Mahaffy had a follow-up visit to Mexico City for workshops and lectures with Mexican Faculty and Students at both UNAM and Ibero-American University. CCE has emphasized the importance of sustainable outcomes in the IUPAC FCP program, and the activities this week are an excellent example of local initiatives to follow-up on the FCP visit.

project completed

last update 20 May 2013