Project Details Strategic Planning for a New East and Southeast Asian Network for Organic Chemistry

Project No.: 
Start Date: 
01 November 2011
End Date: 
27 June 2016


To establish a new collaborative East and Southeast Asian Network, closely linked to IUPAC in order to build and foster a sustainable program of high-quality organic chemistry research, education and chemistry-based applications including less developed Asian countries.

The efforts of the ACP-CEOCA (Asian Core Program-Cutting-Edge Organic Chemistry in Asia) program to network organic chemists in Asia coincided with the plans of IUPAC in the region. The IUPAC project entitled “Strategic Planning for a New East Asian Network for Organic Chemistry (#2005-039-2-300) was further renewed as “Strategic Planning for a New East and Southeast Asian Network for Organic Chemistry”, which complemented the programs and enhanced the outcomes of the ACP-CEOCA. This program has collaborated with ACC (Asian Chemical Congress) as well since 2011.


In each of the previous 4 conferences, ICCEOCA-1 to ICCEOCA-4, a workshop was organized on the first day with the aim of disseminating the most up-to-date knowledge of the contemporary chemistry topics related to the interests and strengths of the host countries/regions, along with involving young chemists in new areas of organic chemistry. Four workshops were arranged to accommodate a total of 8 lectures for participants from over 20 institutions.

Owing to the attainment of the primary purpose of the workshops, this program was terminated after the ICCEOCA-4, and the new plan was established as the junior workshops for graduate students.
It was unequivocally agreed that a series of conferences, from ICCEOCA-5 to ICCEOCA-9, will be organized with some modifications to the conference program in the following order: Hsinchu (Nov. 7-11, 2010), Hong Kong (Dec. 11-15, 2011), Singapore (2012), Japan (2013), and Malaysia (2014). The Lectureship Awards will also be continued as previously conducted.

In addition, new activity plans were discussed to encourage the participation of the younger generation from the member countries/regions. In Sep. 2011, a joint workshop was held in Bangkok on the first day of 14ACC, in which four topics were discussed (natural product synthesis, protein modification and analysis, marine natural product, chemical biology). One of new features was the 0th Junior Workshop for graduate students, which took place over Nov. 6-8, 2010; the 1st Junior Workshop will be held on Dec. 8-11, 2011, in Xiamen in connection to the Hong Kong meeting.


May 2012 update – An IUPAC-ACC Joint Workshop on Recent Advances of Natural Product Chemistry was held at Queen Sirikit Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand, on 5 September 2011. Organized by Supa Hannongbua (Kasetsart University), Somdej Kanokmedhakul (Khon Kaen University), and Minoru Isobe (National Tsing Hua University), the workshop was part of this project, Strategic Planning for a New East and Southeast Asian Network for Organic Chemistry. Read full report in Chem. Int. May 2012, p. 29

May 2014 update – A review titled “JSPS Asian Core Program: 7th & 8th ICCEOCA (Phase II/NICCEOCA-3 & -4), 2nd & 3rd Junior ICCEOCA, and Partly IUPAC Asian Project” has been published in Chem. Asian J. 2014, 9, 1689-1696;

May 2015 update – Another review titled “The Last and Next Decades of the Asian Core Program on Cutting-Edge Organic Chemistry in Asia” has been published Chem. Asian J. 2015, 10, 790-804;