Project Details Concepts in Toxicology - Instructional Materials

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 February 2012
End Date:
31 December 2015


To provide instructional materials to accompany the book, Concepts in Toxicology [2009] (see also IUPAC project 2006-020-1-700) written by John Duffus, Douglas Templeton, and Monica Nordberg. These materials will include video-clips which focus on the vocabulary clusters and major concepts presented in the book.

Enhanced learner engagement with the content of written literature is often supported and augmented effectively through the use of audio and visual aids, such as video-clips. This educational project will be designed particularly for learners in other disciplines, such as chemists.



This Project will consist of four phases.
Phase I will involve development of a prototype module from which the other modules will be modeled. A video-clip of the word clusters [and accompanying concepts] in the first section of the book will be developed using Adobe Captivate software. The video-clip is estimated to be approximately 5-10 minutes in length and will include audio and animations as well as an accompanying quiz.

Phase II – Pending review of the prototype by the Task Force, three to four additional video-clip modules will be developed for the remaining sections of the book. These modules will be approximately the same length as the prototype and will also include audio and animations and quizzes.

Phase III – Once completed, the modules will be placed on a website server [IUPAC or other] for beta testing.
Stakeholders will be identified and contacted during Phase II of the Project and will utilize an electronic survey to relay their experiences with the modules they evaluate once Phase II is completed.

Phase IV – Evaluations will be reviewed by the Task Force and modifications made to the module[s] where considered appropriate. Once the beta testing and subsequent evaluation is complete, announcements concerning the availability of the modules for stakeholder [and others] use in training/teaching will be made on IUPAC [and other] websites.
The instructional materials designed in this project will be made available to the public non-commercially for use with readily available [common] software.



Feb 2014 update – The following steps have been completed:

1) Establishment of appropriate software for the project

2) Development of video-clip format

3) Development of multiple video-clips from book chapters

4) Beta testing of video-clips by toxicology students/instructors [Bangkok, Thailand]

5) Development of video-clip format [html5 output] for mobile devices

6) Development of project file repository ‘in the cloud’ on Google Drive

Links to the video-clips developed by this project will be shared in conjunction with related projects involving concept maps and glossaries. An abstract describing/presenting progress on the project has been submitted to the IUPAC International Conference on Chemical Education, July 2014, Toronto, Canada.

Jan 2015 update – a feature titled “Concepts in Toxicology – Development of Online Instructional Modules” has been published in Chemistry International Jan 2015 issue, pp. 12-14 and is available online as

Last update: 5 Feb 2015