Project Details Critical review of approaches to dietary risk assessment for pesticide

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 January 2012
End Date:
14 August 2019


There are many approaches to calculating human exposure to pesticide residues via the diet. However, whilst the risk assessment paradigm used is the same, it is applied in widely varying ways around the world leading to different conclusions for similar data sets. The objective is to capture these and bring together a definitive set of models and overviews in a single publication.


A literature search and critical review will be carried out resulting in an output addressing the following points:

– Create an inventory of models available with short description and where to find them (deterministic/point estimates and probabilistic models)

– Why are the models being used?

– How are the data being used?

o Chronic and acute exposure

– What methodology being used?

o Chronic and acute exposure

o Does the methodology have the potential to over or under-estimate exposure

o How are contributions from water contributions managed?

o Are there different approaches applied when considering a chemical versus a natural residue?

o How are multiple sources of residues handled? (cumulative exposure)

o How are local foods handled versus those for export?

– Applicators consuming their own produce

– Aggregate exposure approach – other sources of exposure outside of the diet

Compare output of models using ‘test’ data


project terminated

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