Project Details CHEMRAWN XIX - Renewable and Sustainable Energy from Biological Resources

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01 November 2010
End Date: 
01 August 2014


To discuss, review, and promote chemical research and development in the areas of bioenergy and biomaterials, and their applications.


The current world energy consumption is mainly based on fossil fuels which accounted for about 86% of the total energy used. Renewable and sustainable energy sources which include solar (thermal, power generation and photovoltaic), hydroelectricity, wind, geothermal, and other energy sources from biological resources such as bioethanol from carbohydrates and starchy materials, cellulosic and biomass, biodiesels from oil crops/oils and, waste and recovered oils, biogas from municipal waste, biological effluent and sewerage, biomass to liquid (BTL), biofuels from photosynthetic algae, and many others, only make up to close to 8.6%. Obviously, this current energy scenario is not sustainable and greater efforts must be put into acquiring energy from renewable and sustainable resources through chemical research, innovation and applications.

With the theme on “Renewable and Sustainable Energy from Biological Resources”, CHEMRAWN 2011 will focus on chemical research, technology and innovation in renewable and sustainable energy that can be harvested from biological resources including carbohydrates, starchy and cellulosic materials, oil crops/oils, biomass, municipal waste, biological effluent and sewerage, and others. The issues of food versus feed versus carbon footprint will also be discussed.

Topics to be covered in the scientific programme of CHEMRAWN 2011 includes:

  • Bioethanol
  • Biodiesel
  • Biogas
  • Biomass including biomass to liquid (BTL)
  • Renewable including effluents and sewerage
  • Green energy from algae
  • Other renewable and sustainable energy sources
  • Food vs. fuel vs. carbon footprint


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 Institut Kimia Malaysia (IKM), together with University of Malaya (UM), Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM), British High Commission, and American Chemical Society (ACS), jointly organized the 19th IUPAC International Conference on
Chemical Research Applied to World Needs (CHEMRAWN XIX) from September 26-29, 2011 at the Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. CHEMRAWN XIX was supported by the Ministry if Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia (MOSTI).
See detailed CHEMRAWN XIX report (PDF – 1.0MB)
Project completed
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