Project Details Electroanalytical Chemistry - The Revision of the Orange Book CHAPTER 7

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 October 2010
End Date:
30 April 2020


To prepare a revised vocabulary of concepts and terms in electroanalytical chemistry that is compatible with the glossary format used in the Gold Book.

> Orange Book (4th edition) draft content: project 2012-005-1-500


The last edition of the Orange Book was published in 1998. (access online edition)

Analytical chemistry has moved into new fields of science , and the importance of some areas has changed. The revision of the Orange Book is a major endeavor of the Analytical Division and is expected to take until 2015.

Briefly, the new chapter 7 will include:

1 Introduction

2 Electrochemical cells and their operation

3 Electrodes

3.1. Classification of Electrodes

3.2 Ion-selective electrodes

3.3 Chemically modified electrodes

4 General terms, symbols and definitions used in electroanalytical chemistry

5. Classification of electroanalytical techniques

5.1. Potentiometric and related techniques

5.2 Amperometry and related techniques

5.3 Voltammetric and related techniques

5.4 Coulometric techniques

5.5 Impedance or conductance and related measurements

5.6 Electrochemical detection coupled to separation techniques

6. References


July 2019 update – The provisional recommendations titled “TERMINOLOGY OF ELECTROCHEMICAL METHODS OF ANALYSIS” is available for public review till 30 November 2019.

April 2020 update – REC published: Pingarrón, J. M., Labuda, J., Barek, J., Brett, C. A., Camões, M., Fojta, M., & Hibbert, D. (2020). Terminology of electrochemical methods of analysis (IUPAC Recommendations 2019), Pure and Applied Chemistry, 92(4), 641-694;

Last update 9 May 2020