Project Details Guidelines of Multinational Calls for research cooperation and funding through national funding agencies

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 November 2010
End Date:
31 December 2017
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– To monitor the first international call for multilateral research cooperation under the auspices and guidance of IUPAC represented by the Polymer Division.

– To provide guidelines (sample documents, flow charts) for other international calls preferably under the guidance of IUPAC.


The first international call on multilateral research cooperation in polymer science has been initiated within the frame of the IUPAC Committee for Chemical Research Funding (CCRF) by the task group members of Division IV and jointly prepared and launched with participating national funding agencies. The call for letters of intent resulted in more than 30 submissions (by far more than expected).

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The project is considered to be a showcase for multi-national cooperation under the auspices of IUPAC and participating national funding agencies.

Steps during preparation of the call, and the different stages of realization will be accompanied and monitored by the task group. Protocols of meetings, exchange of documents one intermediate and one final meeting of task group members with representatives of agencies involved in running the call will ensure a concise set of documents, flowcharts and time frames to be used as models and basis for further (IUPAC piloted) multinational calls in any domain of chemistry.


Read more about the earlier Pilot Call for Proposals in Polymer Chemistry in Chem Int, Nov/Dec 2011 issue, pp. 17-18

Nov 2012 – A detailed report (pdf 56KB) (including appendix (zip 7.9MB) of 24 files) prepared by Werner Mormann, Markus Behnke, and Steven Meyers, is made available and to provide guidelines for other international calls.

Project update and reference to set of documents and the report above are published in Chem. Int. Mar-Apr 2013, pp. 19-20.

Sep 2015 – One activity part of this project was to organize presentations by the successful teams. This was done in a special workshop during the World Polymer Congress Macro 2014 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Each team had an invited lecture and there were three additional contributed lectures. Participants expressed there gratitude about the way IUPAC handled this call.

Sep 2016 – The project was reviewed by the Polymer Division during its annual meeting held during Macro 2016 in Istanbul (July 2016). The impact of the guidelines provided in the project on the second call “Multilateral Research Funding for Sustainable Catalysis” will be evaluated with respect to further calls. The project will ultimately be reviewed internally by the Polymer Division during its annual meeting to he held during the 49th General Assembly (July 2017).

Project completed

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