Project Details Global Chemistry Experiment for the International Year of Chemistry -- Design and Development

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 January 2010
End Date:
31 March 2014


This project will bring together partners to (a) plan, (b) prepare a case for support and (c) submit funding applications required to organize a global chemistry experiment focused on the context of water as a major contribution to global activities to be carried out during the International Year of Chemistry in 2011.
The project will also:

– Develop and test the experiments to establish suitability and developing resources to support the experiments

– Develop educational materials for the activities around the experiments

– Develop an implementation plan for 2011, including: the infrastructure for implementation, the community of chemists and educators from around the world to support the project, the funding required to enact the experiments.


IUPAC will work with UNESCO and other partners to organize a Global Chemistry Experiment focused on the context of water as part of the International Year of Chemistry and the International Decade for Action, “Water for Life”.

The project will be open to students at all levels of schooling and the public from around the world. The central part of the Experiment: “Water: A Chemical Solution” that will take the form of water data collection including turbidity, temperature, pH, and oxygen content for the global map.
The simple focus of the activity will provide a clear marketable concept – that chemistry is useful and important in everyday life. It will also provide a basis for valuable education about a conceptually important chemical topic and make the link to the role chemistry providing solutions. All participants will be expected to contribute to the database and hence the map. The map will be associated with the IUPAC website and will be a highly visible product of the project.

The project is a major undertaking that requires careful design and development, strong partners and sponsors, and sufficient people and resources.
The first phase will last several months and will (a) pull together partners to select and develop the experiments for the project, (b) prepare a case for support, and (c) submit one or more proposals for funding required to carry out the global experiments.

The experiments will meet a series of stringent suitability criteria including:
– the achievement of important educational goals around the understanding of the role of water in society and the environment
– the school setting – elementary and secondary
– suitability for implementation in nations around the globe, demonstrable appeal to diverse groups of students
– low cost and equipment requirement


see IYC activity

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