Project Details Toward Higher Quality of Chemistry Teacher In-service Training in Croatia

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 May 2010
End Date:
31 December 2011


The primary objective of the project is to organize the first workshop under the 1st Croatian Workshop on Chemical Education (1stCWCE) and accomplish the phase one of the project.
The project will impel further development of the process of in-service training of chemistry teachers in Croatia and the Region and will catalyze the dissemination process of in-service experiences between neighboring countries.


The project is planned as a continuing series of workshops on chemical education that will be held in Croatia. The short-term and long-term goals of the project may be best described by the following:

a) to provide international support to the on-going modernization of chemistry teaching/learning strategies at the primary and secondary education level in Croatia

b) to promote incorporation of the inquiry learning, particularly the discovery-based small-group learning method, into the new Croatian Chemistry Curriculum and thus enhance the opportunities for students to learn chemistry in a meaningful way

c) to promote the needed awareness of action research, i.e. research into the teaching learning process in one’s own classroom (this is defined as a basis for change and encouragement of this process (although with very modest expectations) should be seen as a continuing activity after the event that comprises on-going professional development

d) to give a necessary needed support to the institutionalization process of the graduate study PhD in Science Education at the Faculty of Science of the University of Split

e) to create a dynamic and challenging atmosphere that will impel career development of young chemistry teachers

f) to enhance social-networking of the chemistry teachers in Croatia as well as in the geopolitical Region and correspondingly enable further dissemination of good teaching practices, classroom activities and teaching experiences

g) to help National Chemical Societies in the Region to coordinate exchange of the information and to reduce the differences in chemistry teaching caused by different social and political environment

h) to enlarge the number of experts acquainted with the inquiry learning strategy that are capable of training others.

For all of this to happen the support of the IUPAC’s Flying Chemist Program is vital because its support will certainly impel further enhancement of the already existing collaboration between the neighbouring countries National Chemical Societies and will enable the organizers to introduce the participants with the best experts in the field.


The 1st Croatian Workshop on the Chemical Education will take place in hotel Aurora in the town of Split, 10-14 November 2010 and will be focused on quality of in-service teacher training, inquiry-based learning and learner-oriented teaching strategies.

September 2010 – project announcement published in Chem. Int. Sep-Oct, p. 24

July 2011 update – The program of activities in Croatia followed a model used successfully in the Philippines, India and Sri Lanka in the three previous FCP initiatives, namely bringing together at the national level a critical mass of chemistry educators to improve chemistry education, facilitated by external resource persons with expertise in areas targeted by the country, and including experience with previous FCP programs.

The Croatian FCP brought together a partnership including the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport; the Croatian National Teacher national Education and Teacher Training Agency (ETTA); and the Croatian Chemical Society. 120 participants from around Croatia and a few from the neighbouring countries of Macedonia and Bosnia came together to identify ways to strengthen chemistry education at the primary and secondary levels.

project completed

An update was reported in Chem Int in the Mar/Apr 2013 issue.

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