Project Details Recommendations on Nomenclature of Flavonoids

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Start Date: 
01 March 2010
End Date: 
23 June 2018


To disseminate throughout the scientific community guidelines for flavonoid nomenclature, including glycosides and C-glycosyl derivatives.


Flavonoids are a class of compounds with a wide variety of biological activities, which have attracted the attention of researchers in various domains ranging from chemistry to biology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical sciences and medicine. Consequently, they have been named in the literature by diverse criteria and appear with different names, quite a number of them ambiguous and incorrect. In addition, trivial names have been assigned and in several cases more than one trivial name is known for a single compound. The aim of this project is to correct the situation as a matter of urgency. This will involve a small team of experts who will establish a guide to the nomenclature of flavonoids, their systematic names, focusing on the use of primes and citation order of locants with and without prime(s) in aglycones, glycosides and C-glycosyl derivatives and their accepted trivial names. Flavonoid (flavans, isoflavans and neoflavans) classification into various subclasses based on the degree of oxidation will also be considered.
Flavonoid structures, found in nature or obtained by synthesis, become more and more complex, and a guide for aglycone systematic names is urgently needed also to allow the construction of the names of their polyglycosylated species with clarity and conciseness.


September 2013 update – the provisional recommendations titled ‘Nomenclature of Flavonoids’ are made available for public review until 28 Feb 2014.

January 2017 update – The comments received during the review period required numerous and extensive revisions, and the document was consistently edited and adapted to the meanwhile published Blue Book. The document was again revised and improved in 2015 and 2016, and finally resubmitted to PAC in January 2017.

June 2018 – Nomenclature of flavonoids (IUPAC Recommendations 2017) is published in PAC, AOP 23 June 2018; 90(9), pp. 1429-1486;

Project completed

Last update 11 Sep 2018