Project Details Development of a framework of priorities for IUPAC Committee on Chemistry Education

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 May 2009
End Date:
09 December 2015


The project will develop a framework that will enable IUPAC’s CCE to more effectively prioritise its activities, which include addressing the needs of teachers at all levels; programmes targeting various publics, and continuing professional development for practitioners. The outcome will enable CCE to communicate its priorities for chemistry education and to develop and pursue a programme to achieve those aims. It will enable CCE to advise IUPAC as a whole, and provide CCE in particular, with a stronger basis for

  • informing the priorities CCE presently sets at the beginning of each biennium;
  • considering new project proposals and for determining which existing projects should be sustained;
  • identifying gaps in activity and soliciting proposals for suitable projects;
  • in the next biennium, determining its contribution to the International Year of Chemistry.

The outcome will complement previous work by CCE on priorities in the Public Understanding of Science.


The project arises from a request by the Committee on Chemistry Education (CCE) made at its meeting on 3 Aug 2008. CCE is required inter alia to

(i) To advise the President and the Executive Committee on matters relating to chemistry education, including the public appreciation of chemistry.

(ii) To maintain a portfolio of educational projects and to coordinate the educational activities of IUPAC.

CCE has published its advice on public understanding (Chem. Int. 2006, July-Aug, p.14).

CCE has asked the task group to develop a complementary framework for the Committee’s educational priorities and activities.

The framework will be developed by a project team through consultation with key stakeholders within IUPAC and will be presented to the CCE for adoption. The project is timely as IUPAC builds up to the International Year of Chemistry. CCE wishes to be able to contribute and advise IUPAC on priorities for chemistry education so that IUPAC can give leadership, channel enthusiasm and make decisions about overall priorities and allocation of resources. IUPAC will have to decide on partnership arrangements with other organisations and will need a basis upon which to decide whether there is a compatibility of purpose.

The project will draw together views from Chairs of key IUPAC Committees (COCI, CHEMRAWN, IYC) and produce a framework of education priorities for consultation and approval. The outcome of the project will complement the previously published guide to IUPAC’s role in promoting the Public Understanding of Science, also produced under the auspices of the CCE.


project completed