Project Details Chemical Industries & IUPAC 2 - Workshop, Kawasaki, Japan

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01 February 2009
End Date:
16 November 2012
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Committee on Chemistry and Industry
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This workshop is the second one after the one held in Marl, Germany on April 24th and 25th, 2008 successfully. Aims are to improve communications among chemical industries, chemical societies/NAOs and IUPAC through COCI, and increase CAs in the East Asian areas. Thirty representatives of chemical industries/CAs and chemical societies/NAOs from China, Korea and Japan will be invited to participate, with the future prospect of expanding the activities to Southeast Asian countries.

> see project related to the first workshop held in 2008


IUPAC occupies a unique and highly esteemed position at the center of the world of chemistry. It is desirable for IUPAC to strengthen the relation with chemical industries and absorb more suggestion from them for future activities.

This workshop will be organized as the second one after the one held in Marl, Germany on April 24th and 25th, 2008 with great success, in order to expand the similar activities in the East Asia. China, Korea and Japan have leading positions in chemistry and chemical industries in the area and constitute a good starting point for further expansion of the movement to the other areas of Asia, especially to Southeast Asian countries. It will improve communications not only between chemical industries and IUPAC, but also among industries and chemical societies/NAOs. It will directly help to maintain the present large number of CAs in Japan and increase members in China and Korea.

The major subjects will be COCI-IUPAC activities including the safety training programs, present conditions of chemical industries in China, Korea and Japan, activities of chemical societies/NAOs in the three countries, and desirable forms of interactions between industries and IUPAC.

The Chemical Society of Japan, Science Council of Japan and Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology will be sponsoring organizations. Local expenses of the workshop will be covered by CAs of Japan.


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> ’09 Workshop reportChem. Int. 32(3), 2010

Sep 2011 – After Germany in 2008, Japan in 2009, and Kuwait in 2010, the next
workshop with CAs and trade associations is being planned for Toronto in
June 2012. (See over-arching project 2006-030-1-022)

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