Project Details IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (InChI): Further Development

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 January 2009
End Date:
03 February 2014


  • To carry out the requirements of the IUPAC InChI subcommittee for continued development of InChI and InChIKey
  • To be responsible for InChI/InChIKey maintenance by responding to user questions and requests for clarification, and investigating and correcting any inadequacies in the publicly available InChI/InChIKey tools
  • To extend InChI to cover simple polymers, in accord with requirements specified in project 2004-039-1-800
  • To extend the range of stereochemical situations handled by InChI
  • To investigate ways of extending InChI to handle organometallic compounds and implement as far as possible
  • To explore the possibility of extending InChI coverage to include Markush structures, 3-D structures, excited states, unattached groups, undefined substituents, and interlocking structure


The responsibility for promoting the understanding and use of InChI to users and potential users is now in the hands of the InChI Trust ; seeĀ

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