Project Details Revision of IUPAC Recommendations on Macromolecular Nomenclature - Guide for Authors of Papers and Reports in Polymer Science and Technology

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01 August 2008
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31 May 2020
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To provide an updated and corrected version of the IUPAC WEB document, “Guide for authors of papers and reports in polymer science and technology” (first released online in June 2001), that complies with all current IUPAC documents that are relevant to polymer nomenclature.


The IUPAC document “Guide for authors of papers and reports in polymer science and technology” is an important document which will in many cases be the first, and perhaps only, port of call for researchers who write reports or papers on polymer chemistry topics. Unfortunately, the [2001] version does no longer comply with IUPAC’s own rules for naming CRUs as set out in the Blue Book, the Red Book and recent IUPAC polymer nomenclature recommendations including the 2nd edition of the Purple Book (project 2002-048-1-400). On realizing the contradictory guidance that this document was offering, it was immediately removed from the website. The aim of this project is to produce a correct/up-to-date version. This will involve a small team working through the document to identify all the nomenclature used that does not comply with IUPAC’s own published rules, and then preparing a correct version. It is estimated that this can be done in 2 years, at most 3. Although the project will be a Division VIII project, as is customary for polymer nomenclature projects, it will be pursued under the auspices of the Subcommittee on Polymer Terminology.


> project announcement published in Chem. Int. Mar-Apr 2009

Feb 2011 – Draft 8 is circulating; await TGMs response

May 2014 – The task group met in Imperial College on May 2nd and planned for the near completion of this project.

Sep 2016 – The next available draft is being circulated within the task group and to members of Division IV and VIII.

Mar 2017 – The task group has agreed on a ‘final’ version and again this is being sent to Division IV and VIII Members for comments. The goal is to complete this document promptly.

June 2018 – A technical report has been approved by Div IV and VIII and has been submitted to Pure and Applied Chemistry.

May 2020 – IUPAC Technical Report published : Hodge, P., Hellwich, K., Hiorns, R. C., Jones, R. G., Kahovec, J., Luscombe, C. K., Purbrick, M. D., & Wilks, E. S. (2020). A concise guide to polymer nomenclature for authors of papers and reports in polymer science and technology (IUPAC Technical Report), Pure and Applied Chemistry, 92(5), 797-813;

Project completed

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