Project Details Global Climate Change - Translation and Dissemination of a monograph for Secondary Schools

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Start Date: 
01 November 2009
End Date: 
31 October 2011


  • To translate a monograph on ‘Global Climate Change, from English into Greek
  • To provide a total of 2000 copies of this monograph, translated into Greek, to the relevant secondary school authorities, professional science teaching bodies and secondary teachers in Greece.
  • To demonstrate the central role of chemistry in the treatment of issues of global importance and particularly the positive contribution of green chemistry to global environmental problems.


A monograph on “Global Climate Change” written in Italian, has been produced by the Italian Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale “La Chimica per L’Ambiente” (INCA) and distributed to Italian secondary schools. The original Italian version has been currently translated into 7 languages thanks to IUPAC projects and other funds. IUPAC is the sponsor of the English, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, and possibly of the Greek (this project) versions. Other donors sponsored an Arabic and a Russian versions.
The original monograph and all its available translations are freely downloadable from the following link:

This monograph or booklet, constitutes one of the early chapters from a senior secondary textbook on ‘Introduction to Green Chemistry’ which will be produced by INCA as part of its Green Chemistry Series.  The monograph is gaining considerable popularity in Italy, leading to its adoption by many science teachers as a resource for the curriculum. The booklet also has the unique feature of introducing green chemistry to secondary school students. It stresses the central role of chemistry in understanding the Global Climate Change issue.

We believe this booklet will serve as a significant and popular resource for secondary schools in Greece.
In the original version section 5.3 ‘Perspectives’ is dedicated to the Kyoto protocol and the European/Italian reality. In the translations this section will be updated and customized to fit to the macro-local reality of each user country (European/Greek reality, last international events e.g Bali)

These booklets will be promoted and distributed to secondary science curriculum authorities, science education consultants and secondary teachers through the relevant bodies in Greece. As member of IUPAC, the Ministry of National Education and Religion Affairs will act as main distributor of the booklet in Greece. The task group members will utilize the national professional organizations, as well as personal contacts in Greece to initiate the dissemination process. Presentations will also be given in order to promote the booklet at relevant conferences and to science teacher groups.


July 2010 – “Perspective on Chemistry and Global Climate Change” – a review of this project and other translations, see Chem. Int. Jul-Aug 2010, p. 8-11

The plan is to produce three thousands copies and with partial financial support by Association of Greek physicists. Most of the copies will be distributed to the secondary school teachers and students. A number of copies will be distributed to the official of different authorities. At a first glance, the monograph is being appreciated by colleagues of the editors and Greek academics. The Mediterranean Information Office in Greece has also expressed an interest in the possibility of reprinting copies of the English version, in order to distribute them in the framework of Mediterranean scientific collaborations and fora coordinated by Greek institutions.

Oct 2011 – Project completed – the Greek translation is available upon request (ISBN 978-960-9457-04-0); contact the task group chair. The pdf version is to be available in the INCA collection.

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