Project Details Chlorine-free syntheses for green chemistry - PAC special topic issue

Project No.: 
Start Date: 
01 November 2008
End Date: 
01 July 2012


Original title: Green Rapid Internet Communications (GRIC); feasibility study of publishing an on-line journal of green chemistry

To evaluate the feasibility of an e-mail journal for rapid and early communications on Green Chemistry according, but different, to well documented models (i.e. archivok, for Organic Chemistry or arXiv, for physics and mathematics)


GRIC will be a referred on-line Journal that aspires to achieve a high impact value by the excellent quality of publications. GRIC is intended to be published monthly.
Articles will be propagated to the scientific community in form of short communications or full papers announcing the research goal and philosophy, the basic results and their impact onto the sustainable chemistry.
Either experimental or theoretical results will be included.
These peculiarities will allow GRIC to coexist with other green chemistry journals without competition.
This typology of electronic journal is not yet present in the publishing panorama; noteworthy, it may be easily expected that this need will be quickly filled by the most important Chemical Societies.
It is expected that GRIC will greatly contribute to spread a more realistic and positive image of chemistry. This will give benefits to chemical industry. Indeed GRIC will help to fill the gap between research and technology stimulating linkages between academia and industry. Moreover GRIC will made widely available to the interested people information and recent results of studies on Green Chemistry on a worldwide basis offering the opportunity of increasing partnership by establish interaction and cooperation between groups involved in the same research topic.


Feb 2011 – The project original objective has been abandoned.

After reconsideration, the new objective refocusses on the single publication of a PAC special topic issue tentatively titled “Chlorine-free syntheses for green chemistry”. The project editors are Fabio Arico ([email protected]), Andrea Vavasori ([email protected]) (both from Venice) and Zhimin Liu ([email protected]), and Tao Jiang ([email protected]) (both from Beijing). This project is managed in coordination with Pure and Applied Chemistry Scientific Editor James Bull.

May 2011 – project announcement published in Chem. Int. May-June, p. 22

March 2012 – the special issue titled “Chlorine-free Synthesis for Green Chemistry” is published as Pure Appl. Chem. 2012, Vol. 84, Issue 3 and outlined in Chem Int Jul-Aug 2012, p. 24.

Project complete

Last update 5 June 2013