Project Details Options for IUPAC engagement in SAICM implementation

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 April 2008
End Date:
30 April 2009
Division Name:
Committee on Chemistry and Industry
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An appraisal activity to define an IUPAC project to support SAICM implementation.


Approval is sought for an appraisal activity to define IUPAC project(s) to support SAICM implementation.

At the WCLM in Turin IUPAC was invited by UNEP to help strengthen the bridge between science and policy as SAICM moves into the implementation phase. The publication of the WLCM report and follow-up with the UN agencies has led to a formal request for IUPAC to meet with them to discuss how IUPAC might interact with SAICM in the context of the current planning for the second session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (2009). The SAICM secretariat are seeking an early meeting in this regard and there is some urgency in getting this activity underway.

This activity complements IUPAC interest in public appreciation of the relevance of chemistry to current issues, planning for the International Year of Chemistry, the efforts to seek formal UN recognition of IUPAC and the efforts to engage more effectively on industry relevant issues.


> project announcement/update published in Chem. Int. Nov-Dec 2008

It is proposed that a small team, drawn from COCI (Cesa/Humphris), CHEMRAWN (Sydnes) and Chemistry & Health (Duffus) meet with the SAICM Secretariat in Geneva in early May 2008 (pre-meeting) and/or June 2008 (more formal meeting) for exploratory discussions to identify how IUPAC might best add value to the SAICM process from the perspectives of UNEP and WHO. The team will then prepare a formal project proposal for IUPAC engagement based on this discussion and consideration of IUPAC capabilities; what and how IUPAC might realistically deliver.

July 2008 – Productive meetings were held in Geneva on 19 June 2008 between IUPAC representatives Colin Humphris (COCI), Mark Cesa (COCI), John Duffus (Div. VII) and Stanley Langer (CHEMRAWN) and representatives of SAICM (the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management), UNEP and WHO. These meetings provided valuable information related to IUPAC’s interest in broader engagement with the UN and the promotion of chemistry as highly relevant to world needs and sustainable development. SAICM provides an opportunity to extend the impact of existing IUPAC chemistry information, educational materials and activities on capacity building. > read more (report pdf-104KB; Geneva Speaker Pack pdf-132KB; COCI overview Geneva pdf-358KB; SubComTox pdf-526KB)

> project completed – A continuation titled ‘IUPAC Support to SAICM Implementation’ is initiated as project 2009-003-2-020