Project Details Development of a Pesticide Ecological Risk Assessment and Training Module

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Start Date: 
01 April 2009
End Date: 
01 October 2013


1. To finalize development of international cropping scenarios for the EXPRESS PRZM/EXAMS modeling framework for use with the E-valuate: Pesticide Ecological Risk Assessment and Training Module.� English and Spanish versions of this module are now complete under funding by USEPA. Country-specific cropping scenarios must be developed for any country which wishes to use the aquatic exposure assessment tools contained in the module.
2. To finalize a version of the E-valuate module for use with the FAO/IAEA INFOCRIS e-learning website to be used by developing countries both for performance of pesticide risk assessments and for on-site, step-by-step training in risk assessment methods.


All countries use pesticides for protection of agricultural crops and for safeguarding public health, but only a few have the capacity to routinely perform pesticide risk assessments. Countries besides these few would also benefit from having the capability to quickly perform a scientifically valid pesticide risk assessments and formulate appropriate risk management measures prior to approving use.

Under the first part of this project (2004-011-1-600), a draft Pesticide Ecological Risk Assessment and Training Model was completed and placed on the FAO-IAEA INFOCRIS website. English and Spanish versions of E-valuate: Pesticide Ecological Risk Assessment and Training Model have now been completed. The final remaining task is to develop country and/or region-specific PRZM cropping scenarios required to use the aquatic exposure assessment model.

This proposal for the second phase of this project is to provide support for development of these scenarios in conjunction with regulatory officials from developing countries. The work will focus on developing modeling scenarios that are suitable for agricultural conditions in developing countries to use in an EXPRESS-type computer modeling shell. The user-friendly shell, the EXAMS-PRZM Exposure Simulation Shell (EXPRESS) will be internationalized to make complex pesticide fate and transport models much easier to use. This will bring more sophisticated levels of risk assessment within reach of many countries but will require development of (at least) generic, crop-specific scenarios for use with the simulation shell. This approach would provide tools that are not only “simplified” in usage but also provide a more complex level of assessment.

These techniques will be made available to those who may need to use them through IUPAC and/or other organizations that have common interests.� IUPAC is an ideal participant in this type of project because of its long history of working with international pesticide issues.


> project announcement published in Chem. Int. July-Aug 2009

> July 2013 – a review of the eValuate Module –International Training in Pesticide Ecological Risk Assessment is published in Chem Int Jul-Aug 2013, pp. 12-17

Project completed

Last update: 1 Oct 2013