Project Details Enhancement of the electronic version of the IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 May 2007
End Date:
31 July 2009


Further enhancement of the electronic version of theIUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology with focus on its updateprocess and penetration into the media.


As part of the project “Standard XML data dictionaries for chemistry” (project #2002-022-1-024) an electronic version of the IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology (Gold Book) was developed.

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The proposed project should build on this achievement and further enhance the electronic version of the Gold Book. The main objectives of the project are:

1. Updates of the Gold Book as new IUPAC recommendations are published and prepared for inclusion.

2. Preparation of a system for online submission of new Gold Book entries. Such a system should speed up the publication of terms from newly published materials.

3. Preparation of a software system for automatic addition of links to relevant Gold Book entries into HTML and other electronic formats. This system will be made available to the general public as a standalone application and as an online service.

4. Register the Gold Book into the CrossRef system and obtain DOIs (Digital Object Identifier) for all Gold Book entries.

5. Further enhancements to keep the Gold Book up-to-date with current technologies.

All the objectives are focused on improvement of the visibility of the electronic Gold Book and its information value.


June 2009 – Gold Book release 2.1.0 : New major update to the online version of the Gold Book. Almost 300 entries were either added or updated. There are also other improvements, such as better positioning of mathematical formulas on a line, acronyms as part of the title in alphabetical index, improved support for names of characters (such as alpha, lambda) in fulltext search, improved alternative text for images of mathematical formulas and other smaller changes. This release also includes a brand new structure search which complements the standard text-based search.

July 2009 – Introduction of software tools that enable automatic addition of links to Gold Book terms into text and HTML documents. The software tools are placed separately on SourceForge which allows for easier collaboration on the software. See the
above page for full documentation and download options. The ‘Goldify’ project consists of several parts:

  • java
    – this is the main tool – the goldify program itself, written in Java and containing both a stand-alone and a client-server version.
  • javascript
    – this directory contains a JavaScript version of goldify which allows client side addition of links to GoldBook terms. It is completely separate from the Java version.
  • resources
    – contains XML files which describe the terms defined in the XML GoldBook. It is used by the java tool and is also a good resource for third-party tools.

Over the past two years, the Gold Book online has been updated in many aspects, and the most user-visible updates are:
–    The software used to render mathematical formulas into graphics has been replaced for a better one.
–    The full-text search was completely reworked and now uses a faster and more advanced server-side solution.
–    Many subtitles have been separated from the main title of an entry, and are now included individually in the alphabetical index.
–    The quantities and sum formula indexes were reorganized and cleaned of duplicates.
–    All special characters are now available in the full-text search under their names (e.g. search “alpha” and you will find also the alpha characters, not only the word “alpha”)
–    InChI metadata have been updated to the newest version of InChI, and InChIKey have been added.

project completed ; see