Project Details Software framework for transformation of IUPAC Color Books to XML

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 May 2007
End Date:
31 July 2009


  • To establish a comprehensive plan for transforming Color Books to XML format.
  • To create a software framework to support the transformation


The standard XML data dictionaries for chemistry are important projects intended to facilitate electronic intercommunication. As such, they will complement and update the IUPAC Color Books.
> see earlier project 2002-022-1-024

The successful conversion of the GoldBook to the online structured XML form was the first step to set up standard dictionaries for all IUPAC Color Books. Such dictionaries will help IUPAC to keep its leadership in chemical terminology and at the end to enable an interconnection between particular books with better indexing and searching functions.

At first, all Color Books will be examined to receive up to date information of the status of each book. Then the focus will be kept to developed suitable methods for transformation of each Color Book to the structured form. These methods may substantially vary since each Color Book has a different structure of data and data descriptions. A generic software framework will be developed which will be used for transformation and further processing of color books (and other IUPAC materials).


July 2009 – project completed – Google Docs based framework has been developed and is ready for production of Color books and other materials. A final report to the Committee on Printed and Electronic Publication has been presented during the committee meeting at the GA in Glasgow. [pdf file – 37KB]