Project Details Chemistry in a changing world - new perspectives concerning the IUPAC family

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15 November 2006
End Date:
16 November 2012
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Committee on Chemistry and Industry
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To organize a Workshop on “Chemistry in a changing world -new perspectives concerning the IUPAC family” to foster communicationand discussion about the emerging role of COCI/IUPAC. Thirty representatives of NAOs/chemical societies in the EU-countries (+ Norway and Switzerland) will be invited to participate and to develop a framework for future actions.


IUPAC occupies a unique and highly esteemed position at the center of the world of chemistry. In recent years an important globalization is taking place in science, industry and society.

This Workshop on “Chemistry in a changing world – new perspectives concerning the IUPAC family” is organized to increase the knowledge among the NAOs/chemicals societies in EU (+- Norway and Switzerland) about the role of COCI/IUPAC and about the changes now taking place. The interaction will provide rare opportunity to learn more about the situation in respective country as concerns chemistry, globalization and IUPAC. It will facilitate and improve dialogues with NAOs in the EU. Received comments will be very useful in generation of new projects and programs and in recruiting new CAs and NAOs. There are new major imperatives for IUPAC to engage more in the debate on chemical environment and the social issues raised.

The following subjects will be discussed:
COCI-IUPAC in general;
NAOs and CAs – possibilities and problems;
– the IUPAC-COCI safety training program;
– the SAICM program (i.e. the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management <>);
– activities around responsible (alternatively “reliable”) applications of chemistry;
– public appreciation of chemistry; nanotechnology and biotechnology;
– innovation and the chemical industry (incl SMEs).

Break-out sessions are also being planned for. Breefing documents will be prepared in advance of the meeting to facilitate interaction among the delegates.

Although the Workshop for practical reasons is organized within Europe, the subjects to be discussed are global. The Workshop would provide a template for similar workshops in other regions.


A 1st workshop was held on 25 April 2008 in Marl, Germany, and organized by M.J. Droescher and with the support of Degussa AG.

> announcement published in Chem. Int. Jan-Feb 2008

> brief report published in Chem. Int. Sep-Oct 2008

A 2nd workshop is planned for 7-8 April 2009, and to be held in for Tokyo, Japan. At this Workshop COCI and IUPAC will work with East Asian National Adhering Organization representatives and Company Associates to communicate with them about IUPAC’s strategic goals, regional accomplishments and plans; to review the structure, function, and strategy of COCI; and to gather information, comments and suggestions from the attendees on how we in COCI and IUPAC can best serve chemists in the East Asian region.

> report published in Chem. Int. May-June 2010

COCI continues to reach out to industry and exchanging ideas. Thus, an interesting and successful panel discussion on “Activities and Research Developments in Kuwait Industry” was held in conjunction with the Kuwait Conference on Chemistry in Kuwait City on 9 March 2010. The event was held a day prior to the COCI annual meeting, and at the same location, allowing attendees to join both events.
The next workshop with CAs and trade associations is being planned for Toronto in June 2012; see project 2011-053-1-022.

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