Project Details Fifth IUPAC/UNESCO Workshop on Safety in Chemical Production

Project No.: 
Start Date: 
30 June 2002
End Date: 
01 July 2003


Four Workshops have been sponsored in the developed countries tohelp in the transmission of modern safety practices to especially less-developedcountries:

> Seeprevious project for description and report (#022/16/98)


The 5th workshop will be hosted by SINOPEC Corporation, and held inBeijing, on 20 November 2002. The Chairman, Dr J Qiao, is from Sinopecand also COCI representative from China.


  • 09h00 Welcome
  • 09h05 IUPAC / COCI
    Nelson Wright, Chairman of the Committee On Chemistry and Industryof IUPAC
  • 09h20 UNESCO
  • 09h30 Safety in Chemical Production Workshops
    Mike Booth, Chemical & Allied Industries’ Association ofSouth Africa
    Session One
  • 09h45 UK Safety Management Systems- Legal Requirements
    Steven Harper, UK Health & Safety Executive
    – 10h45 Break
  • 11h00 Safe Management of Chemicals- Responsible Care
    Judy Castledine, Dow (Asia)
  • 12h00 Safe Handling of Toxic Chemicals
    Harry Heo, BP (Asia )
    – 13h00 Lunch
    Session Two
  • 14h00 Classification and Labelling of Hazardous Substances
    Steven Harper
  • 14h30 Emergency Response Systems and Practices at BP
    Harry Heo
  • 15h00 Emergency Plans and Preparedness in Chemical Production
    Steven Harper
    – 15h30 Break
  • Panel Discussion

> Workshop report published in Chem.Int.25(4) 2003>

Project completed