Project Details Strategic study of world polymer science

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 December 2002
End Date:
31 December 2011
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Polymer Division
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Systematic overview and analysis of the trends in contemporary polymer science and technology around the world in relation to MMD’s future activities, strategies, and missions, via a statistical approach based on “World Polymer Organizations”, an MMD-approved directory of polymer science organizations, which is to be updated and expanded in this project for the statistical trends analysis and to be internationally distributed with a summary report.


It is certainly of utmost importance for MMD to hold an objective, systematic, and updated view of the trends in polymer science and technology in the world, so as to soundly perceive its missions and challenges and thereby to formulate its future strategies and activities as an organization that is to guide and help world polymer community. This Project is intended to provide MMD and polymer community with updated information and primary statistical analysis about the world polymer organizations, their activities, and scientific/technological trends therein, focusing the following specific objectives:

(a) “World Polymer Organizations”- Updated and Expanded. An MMD-approved directory of polymer science organizations in the world; this has been edited and distributed since 1988 by the Society of Polymer Science, Japan (SPSJ) to compile organizational data (membership, publications, symposia, budget, etc.). The project will not only take over this task in regular updating but expand its coverage into more scientific and technical aspects, such as distributions of presentations in different disciplines at their annual meetings and notable achievements in their regions, for objective (b).

(b) Statistic Analysis. On the basis of the data compiled in (a) and other sources, the Project team will statistically analyze the trends as well as challenges in world polymer science and technology. In addition to compile data for the directory, necessary contact will be made with regional polymer organizations, such as the European and the Pacific Polymer Federations, to obtain information otherwise difficult to access. The outcome will be presented in the “World Polymer Organizations” with a summary report that will provide a primary information and comments for formulating MMD’s strategies and missions.

(c) Presentations and Discussion Meetings. The statistic analysis in (b) will also be presented to polymer science community at the IUPAC MACRO symposia and Polymer Summit meetings (in 2004 and 2006) and, more specifically, at the second IUPAC Strategic Conference on Polymer Science and Technology, in 2005 in U. S. A., now being proposed to MMD. The presentation is to solicit general interest in MMD activities and to encourage discussion among peers on our research challenges and strategies, i.e., “what we polymer scientists do in the coming years”.