Project Details A IUPAC coordinated web page on Green/Sustainable Chemistry

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 January 2002
End Date:
31 December 2010


The objective is to provide on the IUPAC web site an additional web page that provides a central reference point on Green Chemistry, with links to all relevant sites worldwide.


Green/Sustainable Chemistry is now one of the most important means for relating chemistry to social needs. Many organisations have already made progress in this area. IUPAC itself has also constituted an Inter-Divisional Sub-Committee on Green Chemistry. This Sub-Committee has been active in holding a workshop on Green Chemistry education, in Venice in September 2001. The report on this workshop has just been published in book form, and contains a compilation of existing Green Chemistry educational materials, a summary of workshop discussions and a series of recommendations for the future. The OECD had requested IUPAC to take the lead in the development of Green Chemistry educational materials, so was interested to follow up the recommendations from the workshop. IUPAC was therefore invited to participate in a meeting of the OECD Issues Team on Sustainable Chemistry held in Washington in March 2002. This meeting endorsed the view that IUPAC was the most appropriate body to coordinate all Green Chemistry activities and information on a joint web page. Consequently IUPAC is being asked to establish this web page on its web site, and to oversee and maintain it. Such a joint web page would share information with other relevant organisations, and have links to them. Such organisations might include UNIDO, EU, WHO, FAO, FECS, FACS and UNESCO.


release May 2007



Dec 2010 – project completed