Project Details International Tutorial on Polymer Characterization - Annual Course preceding POLYCHAR-11

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 December 2002
End Date:
15 October 2003
Division Name:


Provide knowledge on techniques of Polymer Characterization, particularly so for participants from third world countries. At the same time prepare the participants for understanding lectures and presentations during the following 11th Annual POLYCHAR World Forum on Polymer Applications & Theory. (POLYCHAR is derived from Polymer Characterization)

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There will be tutorial lectures by leading world experts on techniques of Polymer Characterization. Topics include: Thermogravimetry; Differential Scanning Calorimetry including StepScan and Thermally Modulated Calorimetry; Thermal Mechanical Analysis; pVT-Measurements; Dynamic-Mechanical Analysis; Mechanical Testing including Quasi-static and Transient Techniques; Tribology including Friction, Scratch Testing and Surface Tension Determination; Electron Microscopy; Interface Characterization; Electrical Properties of Polymers. There will be presentations on:

  1. Predictive Methods
  2. Polymerization
  3. Polymer Liquid Crystals and Hybrids
  4. Mechanical Properties and Performance
  5. Dielectrical and Electrical Properties
  6. Surfaces, Interfaces and Tribology
  7. Rheology, Solutions and Processing
  8. Characterization and Structure-Properties Relations
  9. Recycling


A conference report by M. Hess was publised in Chem. Int. 25(3), 2003.

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