Project Details Polymerization processes and polymers in dispersed systems

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01 April 2002
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01 September 2011
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Many researchers involved in studies on polymers in dispersed systems came to conclusion that a concerted and broad-based effort is now needed to prepare and define properly the comprehensive list of terms and definitions essential to describe, unambiguously, new, dispersed polymerization processes and products. At the same time, definitions of many of the older processes and products already existing in books and papers have to be clarified. A thorough, internationally-based feasibility study has shown that more than 200 terms need to be considered and that more than 50 are indispensable.


During the last decade, new types of polymerizations in dispersed systems have been invented and polymer particles with new kinds of properties and structures have been synthesized. Consequently, a large group of industrially important polymerization processes is now carried out in dispersed systems. Also, polymers in dispersed systems are used in diverse areas, such as the paint industry, microelectronics, medicine, cosmetics and biotechnology. Due to their complicated compositions and structures, the same name is often used, in scientific journals and at conferences, for different processes or products and, conversely, different names are used for the same process or product. In many instances, lack of clarity leads to confusion and to difficulties in proper scientific and technological understanding. Thus, with purpose to help to avoid problems related to insufficiently unified and often ambiguous terminology in the title area the Task Group supported in their efforts with specialists from the International Polymer Colloid Group begun in 1997 preparation of the relevant list of terms and definitions.


See previous project 410/31/97

March 2005 – A draft has been completed and in review by the Polymer Division.

> June 2010 – A draft of the provisional recommendations is
submitted to public review comments until 30 November 2010 >> see provisional recommendations: /provisional/abstract10/slomkowski_301110.html

> September 2011 – Project completed – IUPAC Recommendations titled ‘Terminology of polymers and polymerization processes in dispersed systems (IUPAC Recommendations 2011)’ is published in Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 83, No. 12, pp. 2229-2259; (published online 2011-09-10)