Project Details Revision of the IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology (the gold book)

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Start Date:
01 January 2003
End Date:
31 December 2010
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Interdivisional Committee on Terminology, Nomenclature and Symbols
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Starting from the Second Edition of the IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology, to add definitions of new terms or, as appropriate, to include modified definitions of existing terms, in the light of authoritative IUPAC and ISO publications issued since 1997.

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All relevant ISO and IUPAC publications, notably those emanating from IUPAC Nomenclature Commissions, will systematically be scrutinized for (i) definitions of additional terms and (ii) revised definitions of existing terms, sufficiently important to warrant inclusion in the Compendium.

In summary, in consultation with members of the Task Group, the currently-available version of the Compendium, published in 1997 (encompassing material published up the end of 1995 or a little after), will be brought up-to-date, thus incorporating a further 8 years’ output, if it becomes available late in 2003. Thereafter, the Gold Book could be updated continually on the Web, as new IUPAC terminology documents are completed.


> project announcement published in Chem. Int. 25(2), 2003>

The definitions from the following references have been so far included in the online version of the Gold book:

PAC 1996, 68, 1479 > issueindex
Terminology for membranes and membrane processes

PAC 1996, 68, 1591 > issueindex
Nomenclature for non-linear chromatography

PAC 1996, 68, 2313 > issueindex
Definitions of terms relating to degradation, aging and related chemicaltransformations of polymers

PAC 1997, 69, 1137 > issueindex
Glossary of terms used in computational drug design

PAC 1997, 69, 1251 > issueindex
Glossary of terms used in bioinorganic chemistry

PAC 1997, 69, 1469 > issueindex
Analytical chiral separation methods

PAC 1997, 69, 1475 > issueindex
Classification and characterisation of stationary phases for liquidchromatography. Part I. Descriptive terminology

PAC 1998, 70, 1129 > issueindex
Glossary of terms used in medicinal chemistry

PAC 1999, 71, 1307
Definitions ofterms for diffusion in the solid state

PAC 1999, 71, 1765
Terminology forcompounds in the Si-Al-O-N system

PAC 1999, 71, 1919
Glossary of terms used in theoretical organic chemistry

PAC 2001, 73, 993
Risk assessmentfor occupational exposure to chemicals

PAC 2002, 74, 493
Definitionsof basic terms relating to polymer liquid crystals

PAC 2004, 76, 1033
Glossary ofterms used in toxico kinetics

PAC 2004, 76, 889
Definitionof terms relating to reactions of polymers and to functional polymeric materials

PAC 2004, 76, 1985
Definition of terms related to polymer blends, composites and multiphase polymeric materials

PAC 2006, 78, 2067
Terminologyof polymers containing ionizable or ionic groups and of polymers containingions


project completed – see for current version and latest updates.

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