Project Details Glossary of terms in photocatalysis and radiation catalysis

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01 July 2001
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21 March 2011
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Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division
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(previous 330/21/98)

This document will examine the glossary of terms used for phenomena generalized under the very wide terms “photocatalysis” and “radiation catalysis”. A necessity is to distinguish more definitely the phenomena of different nature related with either the combination of photochemistry and catalysis, or radiation chemistry and catalysis. An approach to more precise and acceptable definitions of terms in this area, as well as definitions of some parameters used for quantitative descriptions of these phenomena, will be given.


The document will present a glossary of terms to be used for phenomena generalized under the very wide terms “photo-catalysis” and “radiation catalysis”. A clear distinction will be made between phenomena related to either photochemistry and photo-catalysis or radiation chemistry and radiation catalysis. This is imperative so that the different phenomena can be described without ambiguity. Consistent definitions of terms have to be presented in these areas, as well as definitions for the most important parameters used for the quantitative description of the phenomena ‘photo-catalysis’ and ‘radiation catalysis’.


Thisproject was presented at a poster session at the IUPAC Congress/GA July 2001
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The document was presented to a joint meeting of the PhotochemistryCommission and the Catalysis Commission in Brisbane (July 2001). This draft is a solid basis for creating a final documentbut lacks some of the key elements to make it acceptable to thebroad community it will serve.

In Feb 2002, a PreliminaryVersion prepared by V. Parmon, A.V. Emeline and N. Serpone,was published in Int. J. of Photoenergy, Vol. 4 (Issue 3)2002. Significant revisions are to be included before a final versionis considered acceptable.

Since August 2005, a revised version is in preparation.

> Of relevant interest, see also Glossary of terms used in photochemistry, 3rd edition (IUPAC Recommendations 2006), Pure Appl. Chem. 79(3), 293-465, 2007

> February 2010 – A draft of the provisional recommendations is
submitted to public review comments until 31 July 2010 >> see provisionalrecommendations: /provisional/abstract10/braslavsky_310710.html

> March 2011 – Project completed – IUPAC Recommendations titled ‘Glossary of terms used in photocatalysis and radiation catalysis (IUPAC Recommendations 2011)’ is published in Pure Appl. Chem. 2011, Vol. 83, No. 4, pp. 931-1014, doi:10.1351/PAC-REC-09-09-36 (published online 2011-03-14)

Last update: 30 March 2011