Project Details Non-metals in liquid alkali metals (Solubility Data Series)

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 August 2001
End Date:
31 December 2001
Division Name:
Analytical Chemistry Division
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To compile and critically evaluate the solubility data for non-metals in molten alkali metals.


All available solubility data of non-metallic elements and some of their compounds in the five liquid alkali metal solvents (Li, Na, K, Rb and Cs) are collected and compiled. Original publications with reliable data and information on the methods used to generate them are reported in individual COMPILATIONS. When numerical data are not given in a publication, the data are often read-out from figures and converted into numerical data by the compilers. The precision of this procedure is indicated in the COMPILATIONS under ESTIMATED ERROR. Evaluated solubility data are tabulated at the end of the CRITICAL EVALUATIONS: if there is agreement of at least two independent studies within the experimental error, the solubility values are assigned to the “recommended” category. Values are assigned as “tentative”, if only one reliable result was reported, or if the mean value of two or more reliable studies was outside the error limits. In the tabulation, three, two, or one significant figures are assigned for respective precisions that are better than +ALE 1 and +ALE 10 % and worse than +ALE 10 %. If necessary, the solubilities are recalculated into mol %. The completeness of this investigation of the literature has been confirmed and extended by studying several reviews dealing with the solution chemistry of substances in the alkali metals. Solubility data are sometimes measured under parameters which are not standard conditions of such measurements. Frequently measurements are performed under constrained pressure. The solubility of noble gases or other gases which do not form compounds with the alkali metals depends on the gas pressures.