Project Details Glossary for toxicokinetics of chemicals

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 January 2002
End Date:
08 July 2004


IUPAC has the world authority on chemical nomenclature and terminology and experience in critical evaluation of data. In order to incorporate chemistry and merge toxicology into the terminology used in toxicokinetics in various scientific disciplines there is a need to create a glossary for toxicokinetics of chemicals. The objective of this project is to create a glossary in this field, which would improve the IUPAC impact in a number of scientific fields.


This glossary will give definitions of terminology used in toxicokinetics. The terminology will include information on chemical speciation, the chemistry-speciation for toxic substances, analytical methods, analytical equipment, and biological activity of the chemicals. The glossary will have an appendix and practical examples of situations where toxicokinetic data can be applied.


May 2003 – A draft is submittedto public review for comment until 30 September 2003
> see provisional recommendations

project completed – IUPAC Recommendations published in PureAppl. Chem. 76(5),1033-1082, 2004

An explanatory dictionary of concepts is being prepared in the contextof another project > seeproject #2003-001-2-700


<project announcement publishedin Chem.Int.24(3) 2002>