PAC special issue on Cheminformatics

The Pure and Applied Chemistry special issue on Cheminformatics: data and standards was published in June 2022; see announcement | TOC | Editorial

The editors have decided to make the special issue a “rolling” issue; that is, newly accepted articles within the cheminformatics theme will be indexed and added to the special issue. The topics suitable for the “rolling” special issue include:

  1. Cheminformatics standards use-cases and workflows across disciplines
  2. Discussions around how cheminformatics standards advance research and teaching
  3. Perspectives related to current cheminformatics standards and future needs, for example interoperability and metadata considerations
  4. Cheminformatics datasets useful for teaching and/or validation
  5. Standardization needs related to infrastructure (e.g., repositories), cheminformatics toolkits, or data sharing
  6. Conference, symposia, or workshop based outcomes related to cheminformatics standardization

Moreover, articles related to current cheminformatics and data related IUPAC projects are welcome.
If you have any questions or are interested in contributing, please contact Vincent Scalfani, [email protected]


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