Open Science for a Global Transformation

CODATA-coordinated submission to the UNESCO Open Science Consultation

UNESCO is preparing a Recommendation on Open Science to be adopted by Member States in 2021.  To contribute to this process, UNESCO launched a global consultation  gathering inputs from all regions and all interested stakeholders, through online consultations, regional and thematic meetings and numerous debates on implications, benefits and challenges of Open Science across the globe.  Input via an online consultation was requested by 15 June and CODATA was invited by the UNESCO Open Science team to present a detailed submission.  Following exchanges on the CODATA International Discussion list  CODATA agreed to coordinate a joint response from a number of data and information organisations.  That document—Open Science for a Global Transformation—was submitted to UNESCO on 15 June and, following minor editorial adjustments, is now published here:

See for full release (8 July 2020)

The contribution to this report of IUPAC Secretary General, Richard Hartshorn, is acknowledged.


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