IUPAC Engagement


  Project Number Project Name
2018-005-2-020 International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT) in 2019: planning, coordination and implementation
2017-007-1-020 A Global Approach to the Gender Gap in Mathematical and Natural Sciences: how to measure it, how to reduce it? - IUPACs Role in ICSU parent project
2014-042-2-020 IUPAC Strategy Review
2013-002-2-022 Development and Recognition Programs for Women in Chemistry
2008-043-1-050 Visualizing and understanding the science of climate change
2008-021-1-020 International Year of Chemistry 2011 - Management Committee
2008-017-4-300 Green Chemistry - creation and implementation of international cooperation in teaching and investigations
2007-022-2-020 Recommendations for Codes of Conduct
2002-029-1-300 A IUPAC coordinated web page on Green/Sustainable Chemistry
2007-011-1-050 International Year of Chemistry - Initial strategy planning
2006-043-3-050 The Social Responsibility of Chemists: Responsible Stewardship
2005-029-1-050 Educational material for raising awareness of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the multiple uses of chemicals
2005-015-1-300 Global Climate Change - Translation and Dissemination of a monograph for Secondary Schools
2003-055-1-050 Young Ambassadors for Chemistry (YAC)
2004-048-1-020 A joint OPCW - IUPAC project on education and outreach regarding chemical weapons
2005-028-1-050 Multiple use of chemicals and professional code of conduct
1999-035-1-025 Chemical Education and Sustainable Development, International Conference on