IUPAC Engagement


  Project Number Project Name
2006-028-1-400 Terminology for Conducting, Electroactive and Field-responsive Polymers
2007-008-1-400 Development of a Multilingual Encyclopaedia of Polymer Terminology
2016-033-1-400 International Tutorial on Polymer Characterization - 25th POLYCHAR Short Course
2014-040-1-400 International Tutorial on Polymer Characterization - 23rd POLYCHAR Short Course
2003-042-1-800 Source-based Nomenclature of Single-strand Organic Polymers
2011-013-2-400 Updating Wikipedia: Synchronizing Polymer Definitions and Terminology
2005-005-2-400 Definitions of terms relating to individual macromolecules, their assemblies, and dilute polymer solutions
2006-004-1-400 Recommendations on the Abbreviated Terms of Polymers
2010-062-1-400 POLYCHAR Short Course on Polymer Characterization
2002-017-1-400 Polymerization processes and polymers in dispersed systems
2003-019-2-400 Definitions of terms relating to crystalline polymers - revision of IUPAC Recommendations 1988
2007-027-1-400 International tutorial in polymer characterization - POLYCHAR 16
2002-006-2-400 Terminology for radical polymerizations with minimal termination - the so-called \"living\" and/or \"controlled\" radical polymerization
2002-014-1-400 Glossary of class names of polymers based on their chemical structure and molecular architecture
2008-022-1-400 Dispersity
2003-051-1-400 Structure and properties of polymer/clay nano-composite materials
2002-048-1-400 Compendium of Macromolecular Terminology and Nomenclature (The Purple Book), 2nd Edition
2002-016-1-400 Terminology for the kinetics, thermodynamics, and mechanism of polymerization
2000-007-1-400 Glossary of terms relating to polymeric gels and networks, hybrid inorganic polymeric materials and the processing thereof
2000-006-1-400 Terminology of polymers with ionizable groups and polymers containing ions