IUPAC Engagement


  Project Number Project Name
2016-024-2-020 Planning and coordination of global activities for the celebration of IUPAC100 in 2019
2018-026-2-600 Development of a Technical Symposium on ‘Innovative Chemistry for Environmental Enhancement’ for Theme 3 ‘Chemistry for the Environment’ at the 47th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress, Paris, 2019
2018-022-3-020 Building Broader and Deeper Links Between OPCW and IUPAC
2017-004-1-600 Water and Environmental Analysis - a Symposium part of HPLC 2017
2016-032-2-020 IUPAC's role in developing interdisciplinary/ collaborative work in the Chemistry community and beyond - the focus for the 2017 WCLM
2017-018-3-600 Regional Cooperation and Sustainable Water Management of Transboundary Water Workshop
2016-035-1-600 Environmental Chemistry - Development of Three Technical Symposia at the 46th IUPAC Congress, Sao Paulo 2017
2011-060-1-600 Consideration of bioavailability of metals/metal compounds in the aquatic environment
2015-004-1-020 IUPAC's contribution to achieving the new UN Sustainable Development Goals -- the focus for the 2015 WCLM
2012-034-1-600 Environmental Chemistry, Green and Sustainable Chemistry
2008-003-3-600 Regional Drinking Water Quality Assessment in the Near East (Palestinian Authority, Jordan, and Israel) - An Overview and Perspective
2009-048-1-600 Guidance for substance-related environmental monitoring strategies regarding soil and surface water
2003-017-2-600 Remediation technologies for the removal of arsenic from water and wastewater
630-18-93 Minimal requirements for reporting analytical data for environmental samples (revised title)