IUPAC Engagement


  Project Number Project Name
2012-019-1-600 The Importance of Chemistry in Maintaining a Secure Food Supply
2012-020-3-600 Guiding principles to facilitate a harmonized ecological risk assessment framework for nano-pesticides in the environment
2010-018-2-600 Quantitative Review and Analysis of Pesticide Sorption and Its Effect on Degradation in Relation to Soil and Climate
2014-038-2-600 Global Framework for Implementing Consistent Ecological Risk Assessment of Pesticides for Sustainable Agriculture: Workshop in Chile
2006-015-3-600 Evaluation of food and feed safety implications of (altered) residues of pesticides applied on transgenic (GM) crops
2013-019-4-600 World Crop Protection Chemistry Institute: Developing Global Leaders for Research, Regulation and Stewardship in the 21st Century
2008-011-2-600 Development of a Pesticide Ecological Risk Assessment and Training Module
2008-041-1-600 Global Availability of Information on Agrochemicals
2003-013-1-600 Crop protection chemistry in Latin America: Harmonized approaches for environmental assessment and regulation
2006-044-2-600 Environmental Risk Assessments for the Registration of Pesticides used in Rice Paddy Fields
2001-023-1-600 Agrochemical spray drift: Assessment and mitigation
2007-057-1-600 Crop protection chemistry in Latin America: Environment, safety, and regulation (3rd International Workshop)
2004-011-1-600 Development of simplified methods and tools for ecological risk assessment of pesticides
2001-022-1-600 Global availability of information on agrochemicals
2001-024-2-600 Impact of transgenic crops on the use of agrochemicals and the environment