IUPAC Engagement


  Project Number Project Name
2020-017-2-700 A database of chemical structures and identifiers used in the control of WADA Prohibited Substances
2019-041-3-400 Nomenclature of Sequence-Controlled Polymers
2019-036-1-800 Structure-based nomenclature for irregular linear, star, comb and brush polymers with different types of constitutional repeating units (CRU)
2019-016-3-800 Nomenclature and Associated Terminology for Inorganic Nanoscale Particles
2019-017-2-800 Enhanced recognition and encoding of stereoconfiguration by InChI tools
2017-039-2-800 Graphical Representation of Polymer Structures
2017-036-2-800 Graphical Representation Standards for Chemical Reaction Diagrams
2017-033-1-800 Alignment of principles for specifying ligands and substituent groups across various areas of nomenclature
2017-011-3-024 Digital Dissemination of Data Standards: Planning for a new Cheminformatics Color Book
2015-025-4-800 InChI extension for mixture composition
2015-052-1-800 Corrections, Revisions and Extension for the Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry - IUPAC Recommendations and Preferred Names 2013 (the IUPAC Blue Book)
2014-034-2-400 Nomenclature for polymeric carriers bearing chemical entities with specific activities and names
2013-056-1-800 Nomenclature of carbon nanotubes and related substances
2013-010-1-800 Implementation of InChI for chemically modified large biomolecules
2012-037-1-800 A Comparison of Assignment of Hydro Prefixes, Added and Indicated Hydrogens in IUPAC, CAS and Beilstein Nomenclature Systems
2009-040-2-800 InChI Requirements for Representation of Organometallic and Coordination Compound Structures