Educational Videos

Fuel cells:

Video: (Hydrogen fuel cell) (Electrochemistry of Fuel Cells)

Website: (Fuel Cell Basics)

Batteries: (Batteries of the Future) (Lithium-ion batteries)

Photocatalysis (TiO2 Photocatalyst mechanism)

Electrocatalysis (The field of electrocatalysis, lecture)

Hydrogen storage (MIT OpenCourse)

Photovoltaics (A brief explanation) (3D animation) (Lecture, long)

Drug delivery (Presentation by Robert S. Langer)

Tissue engineering (Presentation by Robert S. Langer)

Imaging (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Antimicrobial coatings (Introduction, short) (Presentation, long)

Insulators, semiconductors and conductors (General introduction) (Electronic band structure)

Liquid crystals (3D animation) (Lecture)

LEDs and OLEDs (How it Works, Inventors)

Plasmonics (Surface Plasmon Resonance)

Photonics (3D animation, Silicon Photonics) (Lecture)

Green/sustainable materials (TEDx Talks)

CO2 capture (General introduction) (Interview with Omar Yaghi, MOF)

Environmental remediation; sensing (Mycelium application) (Nano TiO2 applications)

Entertaining movies

Flubber, 1997 starring Robin Williams

The Absent-Minded Professor, 1961

Son of Flubber, 1963