IYCN Newsletter – Aug 2019

In this Issue
• Chair’s Message for the General Assembly
• Short Summary IUPAC 2019 Paris
• 3rd Chemistry Conference of Graduate, Postgraduate students and PhD candidates in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
• IUPAC’s Periodic Table of Younger Chemists
• IYCN Experiment Competition Winners
• IYCN at NERM-2019, NY, USA
• Contact Information

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A message from Lori & Bailey

It has been a busy few months for IYCN and we are pleased to share our latest newsletter with you! You will find a short summary of everything that happened at IUPAC2019 (including our first General Assembly, symposia and the conclusion of the Periodic Table of Younger Chemists), and the announcement of the winners of the IYCN Experiment Competition that was sponsored by CAS and Pearson.

Additionally, on behalf of all IYCNers we would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to our outgoing Chair, Evijola Llabani for her commitment to IYCN. Her leadership has set the stage for IYCN and it is up to our new Board to ensure that the momentum she helped to create is not lost! We would also like to congratulate Lori Ferrins on being elected Chair, Bailey Mourant who was elected Chair-elect and Fun Man Fung who was elected as the Secretary of IYCN at our first General Assembly. Their terms will last for two years and these positions will be up for re-election at our next General Assembly in Montreal, 2021!

The General Assembly was accompanied by a strategic planning session, led in part by Sophie Carenco, Natalie LaFranzo, and Mark Cesa. With their help, we finalized the Statutes and Bylaws of IYCN, we created new Vision and Mission statements for IYCN, and developed a set of goals that we will be working on over the coming months and years. We are very excited to share these with you and have dedicated a special issue of our newsletter to everything that happened at the General Assembly and IUPAC (keep an eye out for our next email)!

Since the General Assembly, the IYCN Delegates have voted to unanimously approve our statutes and bylaws, these will be made available on the IYCN website for all to view and download shortly. The Delegates also voted for our new treasurer who we are pleased to announce is Max Mannel from Germany! Welcome to the team Max!

Finally, in response to some of the feedback that we have received, we have created a membership form so that we can formalize membership of IYCN. Membership is still free! But we would encourage all of our existing members to go to www.IYCNglobal.com/membership and fill in the short online form so that we can better connect and serve you.

Website: IYCN
Twitter: @IntlYoungerChem
Facebook: @IYCN.global
LinkedIn: intlyoungerchemistsnetwork

Delegates and active members during our General Assembly in Paris


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