IUPAC2019 Concentrate – sample 3

The countdown to January 1, 2019 continues …
With IUPAC 100 anniversary and the Union Congress/General Assembly scheduled in Paris in July 2019, with the year-long celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table, 2019 will be an exciting year for the IUPAC community and we invite you to join in the celebrations. This Concentrate brings you an updated collection of links and refs of what is happening and being planned.

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www.iupac.org/100 – IUPAC100 website
– www.iupac2019.org – IUPAC 2019 Paris Congress/General Assembly !! Watch out, registration has started!
– www.iypt2019.org – 2019 International Year of the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements
– www.euchems.eu/iypt2019


Save the date

– 29 Jan 2019 – IYPT Opening, UNESCO, Paris, France – https://www.iypt2019.org/events — REGISTER today!
– 8 Feb 2019 –  Mendeleev ‘s birthday will be celebrated with an opening ceremony in Russia
– 11-12 Feb 2019 –  “Setting their Table” – International Symposium on Women and the Periodic Table of Elements, Murcia, Spain – https://www.iypt2019women.es/
– 12 Feb 2019 – Global Breakfast – a Virtual Networking Event – https://iupac.org/100/global-breakfast/
12-19 May 2019 – IUPAC for Africa – Postgraduate summer school on Green Chemistry  https://iupac.org/event/iupac-for-africa-postgraduate-summer-school-on-green-chemistry/
– 20 May 2019 – World Metrology Day will coincide with the implementation of the new SI!
– 5-12 July 2019 – IUPAC World Chemistry Congress & General Assembly, Paris, France – https://www.iupac2019.org
– 26-28 July 2019 – Mendeleev 150 – 4th International Conference on the Periodic Table endorsed by IUPAC – https://mendeleev150.ifmo.ru/

– 28 July 2019 – IUPAC 100th birthday!
– 21-30 July 2019 – 51st International Chemistry Olympiads, Paris, Franc – https://icho2019.paris/


Call for input

– Global Breakfast – a Virtual Networking Event scheduled 12 February 2019 – register your own https://iupac.org/100/global-breakfast/https://iupac.org/100/register-your-global-breakfast-today-and-be-part-an-historic-event-february-12-2019/
– Periodic Table Challenge – prepare to get challenged or submit your questions
– IUPAC Periodic Table of Younger Chemists – on-going call for nominations https://iupac.org/100/pt-of-chemist/
– “In Your Element” is the video competition organized by EYCN to celebrate IYPT2019; it is opened to young people of 12-35 years old – https://www.euchems.eu/divisions/european-young-chemists-network/chemistry-rediscovered/


Good reads

Story 0.4 – Why Isotopes Matter? https://iupac.org/100/stories/why-isotopes-matter/ and website www.isotopesmatter.com
Story 0.5 – Nomenclature Notes https://iupac.org/100/stories/nomenclature-notes/
other IUPAC100 Essential Tools to come shortly

The Evolution of the Periodic Table, RSC 22 OCTOBER 2018 https://eic.rsc.org/feature/the-evolution-of-the-periodic-table/3009652.article

or listen

Radio Interview about Science, Chemistry, Periodic Table, Philosophy of Chemistry etc., aired 26 Aug 2018 on “Science Studio” a radio program from the University of Texas, El Paso: https://www.ktep.org/post/science-studio-eric-scerri


Misc & Fun

100 years of Astronomy – Under one Sky, IAU will also celebrate 100 years … https://www.iau-100.org/

“Journeys from Alchemy to Chemistry”, a new multimedia initiative from 1001 Inventions, partner of UNESCO in celebrating IYPT2019 – https://1001inventions.com/iypt2019

Timeline of Elements – collaborative project from Chem 13 News together with the University of Waterloo – https://uwaterloo.ca/chemistry/community-outreach/2019-international-year-periodic-table-timeline-elements

IYPT2019 video from the Chemistry Master – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4up_KtiQs8

Electron ‘hourglass’ by Nagayasu Nawa – https://nawanagayasu.wixsite.com/mysite-1/electron-hourglass

2018–19 C’est en France, l’année de la chimie – https://icho2019.paris/annee-de-la-chimie/

Elementarium, the new online Periodic Table produced by France Chimie & Société Chimique de France – https://www.lelementarium.fr


Fun endnote

When Albert met Charlie from @NobelPrize
: What I most admire about your art, is your universality. You don’t say a word, yet the world understands you!
Chaplin: True. But your glory is even greater! The whole world admires you, even though they don’t understand a word of what you say.


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