IUPAC2019 Concentrate – sample 1

2019 will be an exciting year for the IUPAC community and we invite you to join in the celebrations.
This Concentrate brings you a collection of links and updates on what is happening now and what is being planned. Going forward, we will provide you with a similar update every month.

Help us to spread the word using the hashtags #iupac100 #iypt2019 #iupac2019Paris or #iupac2019 on your social media networks.

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– IUPAC100 website (released in April 2018): https://iupac.org/100

– 2019 International Year of the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements, website (released 1 June 2018): https://www.iypt2019.org

– IUPAC 2019 Paris Congress/General Assembly: https://www.iupac2019.org


Call for input

– Periodic Table of Younger Chemists – on-going call for nominations https://iupac.org/100/pt-of-chemist/

– Global Breakfast – a Virtual Networking Event scheduled 12 February 2019 – plan your own https://iupac.org/100/global-breakfast/

– Periodic Table Challenge – planning phase & call for input https://iupac.org/project/2017-031-1-050


Save the date

– 1 July 2018 – Announcement of the first 4 elements to be portrayed on the celebratory IUPAC100 Periodic Table of Younger Chemists; presentation at MACRO18 in Cairns, Australia, www.macro18.org – https://iupac.org/100/pt-of-chemist/

– 10 July 2018 – Announcement of the next 4 elements to be portrayed on the celebratory IUPAC100 Periodic Table of Younger Chemists; presentation at ICCE in Sydney, Australia, www.icce2018.org – https://iupac.org/100/pt-of-chemist/

– 29 Jan 2019 – IYPT Opening, UNESCO, Paris, France – https://www.iypt2019.org/events

– 12 February 2019 – Global Breakfast – a Virtual Networking Event – https://iupac.org/100/global-breakfast/

– 5-12 July 2019 – IUPAC World Chemistry Congress & General Assembly, Paris, France – https://www.iupac2019.org


Good reads

IUPAC100 Essential Tools https://iupac.org/100/stories/

What on Earth is InChI? https://iupac.org/100/stories/what-on-earth-is-inchi/

Why do scientists look to IUPAC for correct terminology on-line? https://iupac.org/100/stories/wikipedia-polymer-partnership/

Why does the World need a Common Language for Scientists? https://iupac.org/100/stories/a-common-language-for-scientists/

A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending https://doi.org/10.1515/ci-2018-0201



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