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Special 70% Discount Offer for Institutional Subscribers to Pure and Applied Chemistry

IUPAC Standards Online – 22000 pages transformed …

IUPAC and its publishing partner, De Gruyter, are pleased to announce that subscribers to Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC) can purchase the IUPAC Standards Online database at a special discount of 70% off the list price. This offer is guaranteed until 31 December 2017.

This database is the only digital compilation of IUPAC’s internationally-binding standards and recommendations for chemistry and related disciplines. Extracted from the print edition of PAC, these standards and recommendations, are used worldwide by scientists in industry and academia, patent lawyers, and others who need access to authoritative information on chemical nomenclature, symbols, terminology, and similar scientific conventions.

Why subscribe to the database when you already have a subscription to PAC? Because rather than searching for hours through PAC archives, you can use the database to retrieve the specific information you need quickly and easily in a matter of minutes. Updated annually, the database provides granular access to content, while a variety of search options, sorting criteria, and refining filters streamline the search and retrieval process. New features for 2017 include an interactive Periodic Table that lets you go directly to the entry of each element, and fact sheets on specific compounds. The database now also uses InChI codes and InChI keys, making it even easier to find specific substances.

To sign-up now for a no obligation thirty-day free trial please contact De Gruyter directly at: https://www.degruyter.com/dg/page/1455/test-the-database

For purchase or lease information, please contact De Gruyter at: https://www.degruyter.com/iupac

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