IUPAC Gold Book Website under Redevelopment

The IUPAC Gold Book website is in the process of being redeveloped to lay the foundation for future updates to its content and the potential implementation of new features and functionalities. This Project, initiated by the IUPAC Committee on Publications and Cheminformatics Data Standards (CPCDS), was launched in January 2017 and is expected to be completed by year-end.

Under the leadership of Dr. Stuart Chalk, Associate Professor Chemistry at the University of North Florida (USA), this effort will create a stable, modern version of the current Gold Book website; a downloadable vocabulary of Gold Book terms; a simple website to administer updates to Gold Book terms; and a simple Application Programming Interface (API) to access the Gold Book terms. An interim HTML5 revision to the existing site (see https://goldbook.iupac.org) was established in March, allowing access to the current version of the Gold Book while the activities of this project are undertaken. Tracking of access to the website was also added using Google Analytics and reports for April 2017 (https://bit.ly/2qhVW0T) and May 2017 (https://bit.ly/2qigTbU) are available. Currently, the top three accessed terms are “standard solution,” “empirical formula,” and “Stern-Volmer kinetic relationships.”

A demonstration of the beta version of the new Gold Book website and hands-on presentations will be offered at the 2017 IUPAC World Chemistry Congress in São Paulo, Brazil this coming July. The beta version will be accessible for three months in order to gather user feedback on any additional changes that are needed. After that period the newly-developed site will replace the interim one and CPCDS will continue to identify enhancements that will facilitate the broadest possible use of IUPAC terminology.

See IUPAC project 2016-046-1-024 for updates on the project’s progress and if you are attending the Congress in Brazil (for information see https://www.iupac2017.org) make sure you take time for a demonstration of the beta site.

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